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Iwase Cosfa is an international group founded in Japan in 1931. We are expert in providing raw materials to the Cosmetic and Food industry.

Exporting the best of Japan to the world. Importing the best of the world to Japan.

We import and export raw materials for more than 30 years. With a network of more than 15 offices and warehouses strategically located in 8 countries, Iwase strives to maintain daily operational excellence and top class leveled global service.

Iwase Cosfa Europe was created in 2015 to be closer to our European clients, in order to enhance the quality of our exchanges and to keep improving our service.


R&D CENTERS: 6 (Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Seoul, Hochimin, New Jersey)


Contribute to “Beauty & Health” is our mission, Iwase Cosfa is aiming to be not only an ingredients distributor, but also valuable solution provider partner through research & development and demonstrated value
Underlying all of Iwase Cosfa’s activities is its Mission: “Giving greater happiness to a greater number through beauty & health”.
The entire Iwase Group intend to hold steadfast to this Mission, as we take on the challenge of growing business while fulfilling our social responsibilities being a company that contributes to achieve a sustainable society. Since our establishment in 1931, we have been continuously developing on the basis of our policy “Harmony & Progress” and philosophy “Reliability, Originality and Self-improvement”.
Through these years, Iwase has always been committed respecting the Japanese traditional principle of an ideal trade: referred as “Sanpo yoshi” (good for the vendor, good for the customer, and good for society).
In a world evolving faster and faster, we constantly feel the importance of maintaining close relationships with all our partner (both customers and suppliers) .
We will keep on approaching next challenges with an innovative mind in order to contribute to the advancement of a sustainable world full of beauty & health.
We thank you for your fidelity and trust.



More than 90 years of history: the best proof of our reliability.


Kenjiro Iwase started as independant cosmetics materials dealer in Osaka


Tokyo Office creation


Company name changed to Iwase Cosfa Co., ltd.
Kenji Iwase was appointed as new President.


ISO9001 certification


Cosfa International Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd
Korea Office
ISO14001 certification


Cosfa International Trading (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd


Cosfa International Trading (Shanghai)’s Beijing Branch


Iwase Cosfa Europe S.A.S
Yoshinori Iwase appointed as 3rd generation president


Iwase Cosfa Vietnam
New Logistic Center in Karatsu (Japan)
Iwase Cosfa Korea


Iwase Cosfa Thailand
Iwase Cosfa USA


Iwase Cosfa Indonesian Liaison Office


Iwase Cosfa acquires
BHN (Beauty Health Nutrition)


Iwase Cosfa Morocco


Iwase Cosfa Europe belongs to the Iwase Group. This entity was created in 1931 and has remained independent since its creation. Our goal is to perpetuate this longevity through our decisions and our actions with a vision for the future. Our foundations are then based on 5 pillars that we are committed to maintain, in order to meet our philosophy of Sanpo Yoshi: “Good for the vendor, good for the consumer, good for society”.

  • Reliability: We attach great importance to the choice of our partners and ensure the quality of our services in terms of information, products and delivery.
  • Flexibility: Each company has different requirements and constraints. We understood this at Iwase Cosfa Europe and that is why we adapt our processes to the needs of our customers. Agility is our watchword to face the market and every situation.
  • Proximity: We make sure to maintain proximity with our customers, our manufacturers and our service providers because we are convinced that better communication is the key to better quality.
  • Transparency: We have chosen to subscribe to a process of continuous improvement, thanks to a healthy and transparent dialogue with all of our contacts.
  • Social and environmental responsibility: Our group, concerned about the well-being of its employees and the future of our planet, has adopted a rigorous code of ethics which guides all of its conduct. You can find it in the CSR tab.


Cosmetic Valley: First worldwide network of cosmetic perfumery. Labeled as a competitive cluster by the French government in 2005, its role is to help manufacturers in the cosmetics and perfumes industry through commercial development (networking, support for the export of SMBs) and improvement of their competitiveness (setting up research and innovation projects).

Franco-Japanese exchange committee. Human-sized exchanges and opportunities for your Business development. Since 1997, the Franco-Japanese Exchange Committee has been one of the most important bicultural professional networks of the CCI Paris Île-de-France. Its strengths are based on a dynamic network of more than 150 companies based in France and Japan from all sectors of activity.

Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France. Its missions are to promote projects and solve problems for the collective interest of  its members, develop trade relations and friendship between Japan and France and develop & strengthen the network between members.

ASPA-INGRECOS is the French trade association which represents:

  • the suppliers of surface-active agents (surfactants) and auxiliary products through its ASPA section, and
  • the suppliers of cosmetic ingredients through its INGRECOS section.

These two categories of ingredients are essential to the functioning of several industrial sectors.

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